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Do you have sites you'd like to see links to here? Please let us know. As sites move out of the highlight area they will be listed on this side. Feel free to let me know about your site, or a site you think would be helpful to Christians!

"Tune In" to Live Christian Radio:

KTIS-FM, Minneapolis. Sister station to KNWS-FM 101.9 in Waterloo.
WMBI-FM 90.1, Chicago. RealAudio live radio broadcast from the Moody Bible Institute.

Links to other area churches or camps:

Cedar Valley Bible Church
Pella Gospel Chapel (in Pella, Iowa)
Cornerstone Community Church (near Des Moines)
Willowbrook Bible Camp (Des Moines)




This list of links is comprised of interesting and related sites.  CRBC does NOT necessarily endorse all the information found at these sites.  We do however believe that these sites contain much beneficial and useful Christian information.  We do NOT edit the information contained on these sites, nor do we keep abreast of the changes that may be implemented from day to day.  We therefore recommend that you use your own discretion as you view these resources.  We do believe that those responsible for maintaining these sites are God fearing individuals and will therefore exhibit this quality throughout each respective site.  

Emmaus is an excellent Bible College, located in Dubuque, Iowa. They even offer extension classes Monday evenings in Cedar Rapids at New Covenant Bible Church. Emmaus also offers correspondence courses on a variety of Bible subjects.

Uplook Magazine   A conservative monthly magazine published by Gospel Folio Press in Grand Rapids, Michigan - Edited By J.B. Nicholson Jr.  GFP offers many useful and beneficial Christian resources - stop in and look around.

  Bright Lights is a discipleship group for young ladies to encourage them to be strong for the Lord in their youth (especially during their teenage years).

  Bible Believers Online hosts information about and links to many assemblies in North America and beyond.

ChristianAnswers.Net - Are there answers to your questions about Christianity? Various respected Christian ministries join together to tackle tough questions about life and the Christian faith. Includes reviews of current movies from Christian perspectives.

Christian Computing Magazine - The best magazine combining computing and Christianity. Reviews of Bible and Bible related software. Articles on using the computer for your church.


Interested in Creation, Science and the Bible. These are the people that have been doing this for years. The Institute for Creation Research.


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