CRBC Missionary Outreach

CRBC provides partial support for four "missionary" families.  Two in Brazil, one in Taiwan and one in Eastern Iowa.  We additionally provide full support to a family in India who we have commended to the work there.  These missionary families have been "hand-picked" because we know them through some affiliation with a family member or very close friends.  We make every attempt to hold all overhead costs to a bare minimum (usually zero) which means that all administrative and logistics efforts are strictly volunteer. 

Some of our activities include -

Collecting usable clothing for direct shipment to domestic and foreign areas of known and verified need.
In 1999 we shipped a full sized "container" (about the size of a semi-trailer) to India, complete with a Izuzu Trooper for the work there.  The container was packed with household items, food items and electronics.
Annually provide items to meet the needs that we receive via trusted reporting channels.
Pack and ship 5 pound packs of English and/or Spanish texts which include an accompanying "owners guide" (actually a gospel tract) and other information like the "Via" publication.  These are produced by Seed Sowers in Canada.
Sewing blankets, scarves, and other basic material goods that have been requested as needed and/or usable items.
Provide work groups that travel to camps and mission centers in the area for fix-up and repair projects.
Provide (and sometimes distribute) NKJV New Testaments to selected recipients and/or geographic areas of need.

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